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$0.97 per recorded audio minute. If the audio is difficult to transcribe (many speakers, heavy accents, poor audio quality), we may add an additional $0.50 per minute. Some audio will be too difficult to transcribe. If it is, you will be notified within 12 hours and receive a full refund.
We use PayPal as a credit card processing merchant. You may use PayPal to pay, but you do not need a PayPal account.
Yes. If there are parts of an audio you do not want transcribed and do not want to pay for, then you can use a program, such as Audacity, to remove those sections.
Typically, clear audio 30 minutes or less will take no more than 24 hours. Clear audio files 60 minutes or less will take 24-48 hours. Audios greater than 60 minutes may take 3-4 days.
Our transcripts are guaranteed to be at least 99.7% accurate. If you find this is not the case, please e-mail
One way we keep our rates low is using the same standard format. If you have your own template or very detailed, special instructions, you may want to use our sister transcription company,
Yes. Timestamps are an additional $0.10/minute and will be placed at the end of every paragraph or speaker change.
We can handle and understand court or medical related terminology. However, we do not provide official court transcripts.
Yes. However, the more speakers there are, the more difficult it is to label speakers accurately and we may label them as “Female Participant” or “Male Participant” instead. If the speakers are talking over each other constantly, it may be deemed to difficult to transcribe. Please e-mail the file if you’re not sure and we will listen and get back to you promptly.
Please contact
Yes. All of our transcriptionists and editors have signed a non-disclosure for all audio and transcripts. If you have a very specific non-disclosure you would like signed, we are happy to sign as well. Please be aware this may delay turnaround time.
Yes. To see an example transcript, please click here.
ZoomScribe launched by Lainie Cotell in April 2018 as a sister transcription company to MagiScript to meet the needs of customers who did not need all the bells and whistles MagiScript provides. Lainie launched MagiScript in April 2009.
Please add a link to the file on DropBox, Google Drive, or another online file storage location. Our transcriptionists will download the file
We can handle all audio formats. Some common audio format include .wav, .mp4, .mp3, .mov .wma, and .wmv. If you have a specific question about acceptable audio formats, please include a link to the file wiht your order, and we'll contact you if there are any problems.
Your transcript will be transcribed by humans, not machines.
Microsoft Word.
Yes, we do intelligent verbatim transcription. We will remove the filler words, but grammar errors will not be fixed. If you need a transcript that is content-ready, please visit our sister company
To check on an order, please e-mail
If your transcript is not 99.7% accurate, please e-mail
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